Manuscript Legal Review and Clearance for Self-Published Authors

Authors looking to self-publish their books often confront a number of legal issues:

  • what can I say about real people?
  • how can I talk about brands and corporations?
  • can I quote a song, a poem, another book?
  • what artwork can I use in my book?

Unfortunately, self-published authors don’t have editors to answer these questions or insurance companies to back them up if they get sued. The issues are often nuanced and not subject to generalization.

One of the services I offer is to review book manuscripts and provide “opinion of counsel” letters that discuss any potential legal issues that arise from the manuscript. Over the past ten years I have reviewed dozens of manuscripts and provided authors with clarity and peace of mind.

Here’s an interview I did with author Bernard Starr in 2013 for his Huffington Post authors’ blog.