United States Copyright Office, Library of Congress: All of the forms and information you’ll need to register your copyrights. This site contains a wealth of information, plus a database of registered works going back to the late 1970’s.

United States Patent and Trademark Office: Follow the links to the trademark section, search the PTO’s database of trademark applications.

Massachusetts Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts: Mass VLA members provide the opportunity for free or reduced fee legal services for Massachusetts artists who meet certain income guidelines. The links page here is a font of art-law information.

New York Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts: The same goes for New Yorkers.

Electronic Frontier Foundation: The EFF is at the forefront of every major issue involving the ownership and use of digital media, as well as personal privacy in the internet age.

Negativland: Appropriation sound collagists extraordinaire, and primary proponents to expand the Fair Use Doctrine

Copyright Clearance Center: The place to go to get permission and licenses to reprint printed media.

Rapp on This: The blog for my Metroland column on information and tech issues

Blotto: My band. My bad.

HelloMyNameisBlotto: Blotto’s MySpace page. Be our friend. Visit out friends.

Metroland Magazine: I write the occasional review for this Albany alternative weekly.

Graphic Artists Guild: Organization of professional graphic artists, advocates for fair dealing by publishers and other clients.

Chilling Effects Clearinghouse: A joint effort of the EFF and Harvard’s Berkman Center, this site monitors developments in the area of individual online rights.

Storefront Artist Project: Pittsfield-based not-for-profit dedicated to helping working artists find work space

The World Famous Pontani Sisters: The Official Burlesque Dancers of the Office of Paul C. Rapp

Finish and Paint: Client: Herbalist, DJ and wood finishing guru Mike Fallarino

Seth Rogovoy: See what’s going on in the Berkshires and what Seth thinks about it, and what Seth also thinks about all things cultural.

Kinky Friedman: The Official Texas Gubernatorial Candidate of the Law Firm of Paul C. Rapp

Icarus Furniture: Client: Jim Lewis makes outrageous things with wood

Soultube Music: The great Robbie Baier’s musical empire, including Soultube Music Publishing, Melodrome, Substation Studios, and Robbie’s Mom, the astonishing Sibylle Baier.

Creative Voice Development Group Client: Formal instruction and guidance in announcing and voice-acting; studio and headquarters in Schenectady, NY.

Critters Choice Client: The Official Pet-sitting Service of the Law Office of Paul C. Rapp!

Destination Bride Client: Have Lisa Light put together your next wedding…..in a castle in Bulgaria….or a cave in Spain

Duplex Planet: Welcome to the wonderful world of David Greenberger

Alex Torres y Los Reyes Latinos Client: The King of Amsterico and his always-sharp orchestra

The Roost Client: Early 70’s Brit-rock from Downstate NY

Sara Ayers Client: Ethereal experimental music and Official Webwrangler of the Law Office of Paul C. Rapp.

Michael Keropian Client: Michael Keropian is one of the country’s prominent sculptors of realistic forms. Check out his Frank Zappa.

Kamikaze Hearts Client: One of the Northeast’s premiere acoustic bands. They call what they do “upstate porch rock.”

Warren Guitars Client: Meticulously hand-crafted electric guitars.

The Storycrafters Client: Barry and Jeri are professional storytellers. Think about that.

Keith Emerling Photography Client: the prominent and ubiquitous Berkshires photographer.

Rockshots Client: Marty Benjamin’s online store of incredible photographs of music luminaries, from Miles Davis to Johnny Thunders.

Splatto Festival Blog: the blog of my weekly radio program on WBCR-LP FM, Great Barrington.

WBCR-LP: Great Barrington's low power radio station, catch the online stream!

Brian Patneaude Client: extraordinary bop-jazz saxophonist based in Albany

Electronic Music Foundation Client: center for the study, distribution, promotion, and performance of electronic sound and music

Chantal Zakari Client: graphic and conceptual artist, and professor at the School for the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Don Naylor Client: member of Albany-based punk-art collective quickly gaining a national rep.

Kermit Hayes Client: top-level fashion and advertising photography.

Jeff Neuman Client: Americana artist in the Hopper-realist style.

Pagan Productions Client: independent film maker Bruce Hollenbeck makes movies that are very, very scary.

PhanArt Client: producing a book of maverick artworks created by fans of the band Phish.

Sound Spectrum Client: creators of G-Force and White Cap music visualization software that takes your hand and, slowly, blows your little mind.

Outsiders Gallery Client: cool little gallery in Northern Connecticut.

Thrums End Art Studio: Hudson Valley Illustrator par excellence and fellow WAMC copyright guru Polly Law.

Knightowl Entertainment: Award-winning Albany-area filmmakers / screenwriters.

Art Bernstein Client: drum instruction and percussion theory.

The Cavern Club Client: yes, the birthplace of The Beatles.

Chocolate Springs Café Client: Lenox MA maker of the world’s finest chocolate.

Wendy Costa Client: Troy designer of wonderful whimsy.

Donna Dodson Client: Boston-based wood sculptress.

E Ko Logic Client: Troy NY clothing maker, hi-end recycled clothing.

the gonstermachers Client: Central NY alt-blues masters.

Hallowell EMC Client: Pittsfield MA manufacturers of veterinary devices.

Sanctuary for Independent Media Client: media and music haven in Troy, NY. The future resides here.

My Pet Sperm Client: the name pretty much says it all.

Piano Kids Client: Lenox MA based piano instruction for kids that really works!